Hi! I'm Vicki, founder of IV League Injections.

I’ve been a registered nurse for the past 8 years in acute hospital patient care settings and received my certifications as an advanced cosmetic injector 7 years ago. I believe in providing only the best safe and holistic care the most I’ve been deeply ingrained in providing holistic patient care and building therapeutic relationships.

IV League Injections

Just as Ivy League schools offer knowledge that shapes futures, cosmetic injections offer transformations that shape confidence. Just like how a prestigious education opens doors, these injections can open the door to a newfound sense of self-assurance and empowerment.

Consider it a syllabus for self-care, where the 'instructors' are experienced professionals who understand the science of beauty. They provide you with the 'lessons' in enhancing your natural features, just like professors impart knowledge that expands horizons. Both experiences are investments in yourself, with the potential to yield incredible returns.

Cosmetic injections also require choosing wisely. Opting for skilled and reputable practitioners ensures you're getting the best 'professors' for your beauty journey. And just as the knowledge gained from these esteemed institutions stays with you for a lifetime, the boost of confidence from these enhancements can leave a lasting impact.

IV League Injections and Ivy League schools – seemingly different, yet both contributing to personal growth and transformation. So whether you're on a quest for knowledge or a quest for confidence, remember that both paths have the power to shape a brighter, more empowered future

I began my cosmetic journey training 7 years ago in Edmonton, then I moved to Vancouver, and since have trained in Toronto, France, Switzerland, Korea and London. I’ve been fully accredited and experienced in preventative and anti-aging services such as IV therapy, dermal fillers, Radiesse, neuromodulators (Botox), lipodissolve (belkyra/kybella), PDO threadlifts, PRP, and biofiller.

I am passionate about treating every patient with customized care and proper attention. Holistic beauty isn't just about the surface; it's about how every detail contributes to your inner radiance. As a registered nurse we take the time to educate and empower you, ensuring you're making informed decisions that align with your lifestyle and values. We emphasize listening to your desires, concerns, and hopes. We see beyond the lines and angles, understanding that your unique beauty is intertwined with emotional and physical health. It's a compassionate partnership, a journey where you're supported every step of the way.