Deoxycholic acid (DCA) or trade name “Belkyra, Kybella” is a synergetic bile acid that is used to dissolve fat. DCA is clinically indicated for submental fat or in other words moderate to severe fat below the chin. In combination phosphatidycholine (PC) with DCA known as “lipodissolve”reduces superficial deposits of fat. The mechanism of the mixture breaks down fat cells and PC assists in the digestion and drainage of released fat and protects neighboring mucosa from the corrosive action of DC. DC alone leads to adipocyte, there is less pain, bruising, and induration when combined with PC. 

During treatment there is minimal pain. Side effects will be moderate swelling and overall soreness to the throat during the healing process. Be prepared to have a few days of swelling at least! 

DCA requires multiple sessions (2-6 to achieve desired results) 4 weeks between each session. 

  • Chin Belkyra

  • Back Area Belkyra

  • Abdomen Belkyra Fat Dissolving

  • Arm Belkrya

  • Chin Belkyra